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How does GeoGenie work?

Every service can be booked on demand to come now or you can book a future date and time.

Once you post your job, all Service Providers with the relevant skills in the close geographic area will be contacted.

Interested Service Providers will respond and you will receive a list of interested candidates.

Once you’ve reviewed their profile and pricing, you select the Service Provider and book them immediately through the GeoGenie app.

When the Service Provider is on route to your job, you will be notified, and you’ll be able to track them within the GeoGenie app’s mapping function.

When the Service Provider arrives at your location, you will also be notified.

If the job is complete within the hour, you pay and the job is closed.

If the work required is over and above the first hour fee, the Service Provider will quote you within the GeoGenie app. Only when you agree will the additional work be completed.

After the job is complete, you will receive an invoice sent to your email account. You can also access your historic job information from within the GeoGenie app.

Contacting the booked Service Provider

If you need to contact the Service Provider for any reason, you can do this from within the GeoGenie App.

You’re able to send a text, an email or call them directly.

My address isn’t showing up?

We use Google technology for address location. Unfortunately, new roads, homes or some house numbers or names are missing from the Google database.

If this issue affects you, select your road or the road closest to you. Then add to the booking notes the correct information or contact the Service Provider after the booking is confirmed to provide the accurate address information.


There are three ways to pay the Service Provider in the GeoGenie app.

Using a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

www.stripe.com are used for all credit card payment processing.

We do not store your full credit card information.

Booking the same Service Provider

If you’ve added a Service Provider to your favourites list, they can be offered the job first if they are available.


If you book a Service Provider on demand, you can only cancel free of charge before they mark themselves on route. After this time, the full hour fee will apply.

If you cancel a scheduled booking 24 hours before the appointment is due, cancellation is free. After this time, the full hour fee will apply.

Parking Charges

If the Service Providerhas to pay for parking, they shall be entitled to add this cost to invoice total by using the in GeoGenie in app quote and agreement system.

Changing or rescheduling a booking

If you need to change your booking. Contact the Service Provider you have booked through the GeoGenie app.

If you experience an issue with this process, please contact us via the app or website Contact Us page.

Cancelling a Service Provider booking

In the GeoGenie app, go to the booking and select cancel booking from the bottom of the screen.

What do you do If the Service Provider is late or didn’t show up?

You can contact the Service Provider by text, email of telephone from their profile page in your booking.

If they are late and you wish to cancel the Service Provider booking, you may do so free of charge if they are more than 60 minutes late.

How do I report a Service Provider?

If you need to report a Service Provider for any reason, go to the profile page of the Service Provider in your bookings and select “Report Service Provider” from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can contact us directly through the app or via the website Contact Us page.

I have a damage claim, what do I do?

If you have an unfortunate situation where you believe there is loss or damage arising from the Service Provider’s work, please complete the following form within 48 hours of the booking time.